“Drag Me Down” by One Direction, Song Review

Somewhere around a week ago, One Driection released the official music video for “Drag Me Down”, their first single since Zayn Malik left the group earlier this year. “Drag Me Down” also happens to be the first single off a new album that’s still en route, but today’s gonna be about the music video.

It starts off on a sort of strange note, with the four group members dressed in space suits before the lyrics cut in and the scene switches to the four of them in civilian dress in the hanger and on the tarmac of the launch zone. The video continues to show the group preparing for launch, even as the performance of the song is continued on the tarmac. it’s a delightfully upbeat track that really gets inside of your head and puts you in a pleasant space.

I really like getting taken by surprise by a One Direction track because they continue to show how much they’ve grown since they first started out years ago. the video is more than worth the time it’ll take, and it really brings me to wonder what their next album will have. Especially since they plan to go on hiatus after the release.

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