“My World (SOS To the Universe)” by Ajay Mathur, Song Review

AjayMathur“My World (SOS To the Universe)” is a single from Ajay Mathur’s latest album, 9 to 3. His self described genre is Psychadelic Americana Bollyrock. In just one song, it’s obvious how much Mathur draws from these genres to create his art. “My World (SOS To the Universe)” both intrigues you and sends chills down your spine, painting a painfully vivid picture and sending a strong message in the process.

Mathur’s songwriting is rhythmic and precise. Each word is carefully chosen for the effect that they’ll have on the listener. But not only that, the way that each lyric is sung is carefully planned out as well. The children like voices singing “SOS to the universe / tell me what will become of us” make the lyrics all that more poignant. And the passive, almost bitter voice at the end makes us really think about how our society works. Mathur’s own vocals are deep and almost sorrowful. The vocals bring about the image of a person looking back on something they’ve left behind.

The music itself draws heavy influences from Pink Floyd and other artists of that genre. The children singing back up, the way that the guitar plays into and strengthens the melody through most of the song. The melody in “My World” feels like it’s constantly building up to something. It puts you on edge and grabs your attention, not really releasing the tension towards the very end of the song. You can hear the individual instruments coming together to create that intriguing melody, only to break apart towards the end.

The best part about “My World (SOS To the Universe)” is the story line. If you pay close enough attention, it does tell a story. It’s a reflection of our society, of the feelings that society generates. And in the end, it’s a questioning. Is this all that there is, is this world worth it, what becomes of the world? The way that the melody breaks up and falls apart to the end could be the narrator giving up either in their line of questioning, or on society in general.

To make a potentially long story very short, “My World (SOS To the Universe)” is an engaging song, and if you tend to like anything in the Psychedelic, Americana, or Bollyrock genres, then odds are you’re going to love this song.

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