“Fly Away” by 5 Seconds of Summer: Single Review

5 Seconds Of Summer has been pretty busy since their debut album last year. so much so that their second studio album is being heralded by two singles so far! The first being “She’s Kinda Hot”, and the second being the more recently released “Fly Away”. They’re an ear catching group, and never fail to drag me into a song, so i’m rather excited to belatedly review this song of theirs today.

“Fly Away” starts off with high energy and sets the stage with vocals that lead into the loud instruments. The energy stays high throughout the start of the song, and even manages to amp it up a little for the chorus. It’s undeniably high energy, and incredibly fun throughout it’s length. It’s easily a song that you can have on repeat for a few hours at minimum. It can easily lift the spirits and fill you with a bit of moxie to take on whatever it is you have to face after listening to it. I heartily recommend listening to it if you haven’t already. 5 Seconds of Summer’s second album, Sounds Good Feels Good, is presently set to release on October 23.

2 thoughts on ““Fly Away” by 5 Seconds of Summer: Single Review

  1. […] “Fly Away” is the last song I’ll be skipping since it wraps up all the singles I reviewed. “Invisible” starts off with a guitar driven melody, and soft vocals that easily paint a sad story that’s easy to relate to. It’s easy to disappear into a slump, and the song captures that expertly. And then it starts to build rapidly, leaving the slower notes behind for faster paced ones and bigger sounds. It drops down quickly, and fades into a violin that expresses a lot of ending emotion, before giving way to the next song. “Airplanes” begins with a more all over the place and energetic variety of sounds. It builds into a high paced song that it just dripping with boundless optimism and seeing the good in the world. It’s the perfect compliment to “Invisible”, and the two play off each other beautifully well. “San Francisco” starts off with another guitar driven melody, and quickly takes on a nostalgic view of things, but in a way that shows that the narrator is thinking of how to fix things with another person. It illustrates all the benefits of starting over with someone. A second beginning is not always a dumb thing to do. Sometimes it is right. The song drops off for a moment, and then shifts into a quick, bubbling build with a scifi feel to it that drops off into a steady rhythm and melody blend. It carries on at an easy pace, mixing in a few notes from the violin that was so heavily featured in an earlier track.  “Outer Space/Carry On” opens with big vocals, and a heavy beat. An energy is created almost instantly, vibrating through the bones. It paints a picture of needing someone so badly, but then the changes to a slower pace and a bigger sound, and starts painting a slightly clearer picture of the negative side of needing someone else’s love to ‘be okay’ while hidden in a blend of energy that is easy to get caught in. There is a period of white noise, where all that’s heard is rain and distant thunder, before the song changes into the other half. A church like humming sound, and choir styled vocals as a picture of dragging oneself into a better place is painted. The two halves of the song paint the manic blindness and soft realizations of a bad period that is overcome with ease, and demonstrates a subtle sense of growth. […]

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