“Fly Away” by 5 Seconds of Summer: Single Review

5 Seconds Of Summer has been pretty busy since their debut album last year. so much so that their second studio album is being heralded by two singles so far! The first being “She’s Kinda Hot”, and the second being the more recently released “Fly Away”. They’re an ear catching group, and never fail to drag me into a song, so i’m rather excited to belatedly review this song of theirs today.

“Fly Away” starts off with high energy and sets the stage with vocals that lead into the loud instruments. The energy stays high throughout the start of the song, and even manages to amp it up a little for the chorus. It’s undeniably high energy, and incredibly fun throughout it’s length. It’s easily a song that you can have on repeat for a few hours at minimum. It can easily lift the spirits and fill you with a bit of moxie to take on whatever it is you have to face after listening to it. I heartily recommend listening to it if you haven’t already. 5 Seconds of Summer’s second album, Sounds Good Feels Good, is presently set to release on October 23.

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