“No” by weareTheBigBang, Music Video Review

weareTheBigBang“No” by wearetheBigBang is catchy and relatable, and a great song to listen to. The newest single off of their new ep, Smoke, “No” finally has a music video just as catchy and addictive as the song is. You can watch it below.

The song itself is about saying “No,” presumably to an ex that’s trying to come back around. The storyline in the video is about a trainer that bullies his trainees with something called the “No Lifestyle Diet.” It’s a funny, intriguing storyline fit for an addictive and fun song.

The first thing that you notice is that it’s not like any music video you normally see on VH1’s Top 40 Countdown. The music video for “No” is more unique, with its own style that can’t be compared to anything else. Though there are elements of the styles gone by. The workout scenes in the gym are very reminiscent of a late’80s or ‘90s work out video, for example. But despite influences and reminders, the style of weareTheBigBang is entirely unique and their own.

The cinematography is great, flashing between different scenes to keep your attention and give you a bigger picture. While the story and the song don’t connect a hundred percent, the music video is very fun to watch and matches up with overall feel of the song quite nicely.

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