“Late 44” by Louise Aubrie, Album Review

Louise Aubrie Late 44Recorded at Abbey Road Studios, Late 44 is an attention grabbing record by Louise Aubrie. The London rocker gave her original compositions a classic flare, which is what makes her standout among all of the other indie rockers. Timeless lyrics, unforgettable instrumentals and melodies all make Late 44 a great album to listen to. While the album is quick to grab attention, it’s obvious that Louise Aubrie is still far away from making the Billboard Top 40. That doesn’t mean she won’t get there eventually.

To put it simply, Late 44 is like the long lost child of ABBA and the Beach Boys. In sound, flare, composition, and theme; the album takes you back to simpler times. Every ounce of Late 44 is completely original, but the influences are still there even if it is under the surface. This timeless flare is what makes Late 44 so delightful to listen to. You get lost in the guitars, in the melodies, the soft spoken but passionate lyrics, and all of the memories that come to surface with each note. It’s so charming, so wonderful, and almost refreshing.

All of the songs lyrically are the same. Different stories set to the same theme, each more hopelessly romantic than the last. But that doesn’t stop the instrumentals in Late 44 from being positively addicting. You’re jamming out to the guitars and drum in “Masterstrokes” one minute, and then you’re singing at the top of your lungs to “Too Late” the next. Despite it all sounding vaguely familiar, it’s still a charming and fun album to listen to. Each song flows effortlessly into the next, making it feel like it went by much too fast.

The only negative thing that could possibly be said about Late 44 is the fact that it loses steam around halfway through. It quickly finds it again, but it’s easy to lose complete interest if you’re not careful. Despite this, it’s still an absolute joy to listen to.

Late 44 is a great album to listen to, and Louise Aubrie makes her talent obvious. The originality of it captivates you, and the vague influences make you love it instantly. While it might not become your favorite album, it is a good album to listen to.

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