“Ear to Ear” by Ransom Scenery, Album Review

Ransom SceneryRansom Scenery is a trip – both literally and figuratively. It’s hard to place their music within a genre, and the songs that are heard on Ear To Ear are unlike any that you’ve heard before. Unique and completely all their own, to compare Ransom Scenery’s Ear to Ear to anything else is unspeakable. While it might take you by surprise and come across as off putting at first, there’s no doubt that Ear to Ear is one of the most unique albums of 2015.

It is off putting at first. With more instruments and sounds than the average person would know what to do with, Ransom Scenery has created something exotic. There are lyrics that are poetic and narrative in nature. The lyrics are meant to tell a story, but they’re not the narrator.

Instead the instrumentals take the lead. And any instrument that you can picture is on this album, blending with other instruments and noises to create a never before heard sound. At first, the songs on Ear to Ear come across as just a wall of noise. But then you listen closer, and you start to hear the melodies. Not only that, but for some songs, you can actually see the melodies in your mind’s eye. “My Golden Shield” and “Unconditional” are the best examples of this.

It’s impossible to put Ransom Scenery into a genre, or even begin to compare them to anyone else. They themselves claim that their inspirations are Alt-J and Deerhunter, among others. They claim to create “rich soundscapes and interlacing layers,” which isn’t far off the mark at all when you hear their music.

There are a few little things in Ear to Ear that I would change, if I was Ransom Scenery. But in the end, they’re not important enough to mention, because Ear to Ear is an art piece. Art is subjective, and odds are that everything on the album is unintentional.

In the end, while it might be hard to listen to at first, Ear to Ear is a sort of diamond in the rough. Listen to it once or twice or three times, and odds are you’ll find something about it that you enjoy. I know for myself, it’s an album that I’ll listen to again and again.

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