“To Where Tengger Leads Me” by Nature Ganganbaigal, Album Review

Nature GanganbaigalNature Ganganbaigal is a Mongolian Folk Music Composer, from the band Tengger Cavalry. Recently, he came out with a solo album titled To Where Tengger Leads Me. The album and his previous works have given him international praise, as well as features in American film festivals like Victoria TX Film Fest and RXSM Film Expo.

Aside from the basis of Mongolian Folk Music, Nature Ganganbaigal draws a lot of inspiration from his practice in Tibetan Buddhism. The songs on To Where Tengger Leads Me are overwhelmingly inspirational, overwhelmingly positive, and absolutely captivating. The all instrumental album features a diverse cast of instruments – so many that it’s almost impossible to place them all. These varied instruments create an equally varied amount of unique sounds and melodies that draw you in right from the start.

Though to compare To Where The Tengger Leads Me to any other album would be a travesty. Every song on the record is unique, captivating. Even within the song itself, there’s still a variety there. It’s almost like you never hear the same note twice. Instead of sticking to just a melody or two, the songs fade in and out of melodies. It’s heavily reminiscent of something you’d hear on a soundtrack – the song unfolding as the scene does. With that in mind, it’s wonder Nature Ganbaigal has been featured at so many film festivals!

The songs are vivid, colorful, almost exotic. You’re immersed into the sounds, the story that each song tells. On their own, the songs can paint many different scenes. But the titles in To Where Tengger Leads Me might influence what comes to mind. For example, when listening to “Galloping Steeds,” you’re bound to picture prancing and galloping horses. On “The Expedition,” you might picture someone headed out on a journey. And on parts one and two of “Symphony of Steel,” you might picture some sort of steel factory… but the music is so wonderfully unique, there’s no telling what each listener might picture.

Nature Ganganbaigal is heavily inspired by his teachings in Tibetan Buddhism. And when you listen to To Where The Tengger Leads Me, it’s obvious. The music has an oddly calming effect. No matter how upbeat the song sounds, no matter what comes to mind, it has a sort of calming effect. There are also a lot of draws from the Buddhist culture, but it’s something that only a practicing Buddhist might be able to notice.

To put it simply, Nature Ganganbaigal has created an absolutely beautiful, captivating, and immersive album. To Where The Tengger Leads Me will leave it’s impression on everyone who listens to it. Even if you read Mongolian Folk Music and lose interest, you won’t regret listening to the album.

You can buy To Where The Tengger Leads Me on Nature Ganganbaigal’s BandCamp Page.

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