“VENOM” by Bullet For My Valentine, Album Review

VENOM Album Art. Image Cred: RCA RecordsVENOM is the much anticipated album from UK Heavy Metal Rockers Bullet For My Valentine. Released today, August 14, through RCA Records, VENOM is everything that fans could have ever hoped for. When you listen to VENOM, you don’t just hear the product of months of recording and planning. You’re hearing the product of everything that Bullet For My Valentine has done in their careers. VENOM showcases the band’s experience and their growth – both in musically and personally.

VENOM starts off with the instrumental song, “V,” which captures your attention and acts as a prelude to the album. The song builds up excitement and anticipation to the album. It’s similar to lights dimming and the curtain rising at a theatre. When you hear it, you know you’re in for something special. “V” fades into “No Way Out” and the start of a truly fabulous album.

The instrumentals on VENOM are intricate and purposeful. Even the guitar and drum solos have a purpose. The guitar is front and center in the arrangements. But there are no overused chords, the melodies are always different, and you feel like it’s a totally different sound with every song. Not only that, but the instrumentals are unique and progressive. You’re under the impression that everything you’re hearing is completely new, never before heard. That essential factor is part of what makes VENOM so fun and exciting to listen to. Even the vocals sound unique in every song.

The songs on VENOM flow smoothly from one to the next, and there isn’t a song that feels out of place in the process. VENOM proves that the album as an art form is not dead. While all of the songs stand strong on their own, they join together to create something much more meaningful, much more beautiful. The chart topping singles from this album (“You Want A Battle? (Here’s A War)” and “Army Of Noise”) were obviously not made just to be singles. They were made to be a part of something so much bigger.

The lyrics are detailed, vivid, passionate, and meaningful. They set a sort of theme for the whole album, one that can mean many different things. The basic underlying theme can be summed up nicely into “Life sucks sometimes but we will be okay,” though that’s just putting it in simple terms. In reality, VENOM goes over all of the experiences and feelings that empower someone to be able to stand up and say “I will be okay. I will survive.” Some of the songs will resonate with you to the point of it becoming your own personal anthem (“No Way Out,” “Venom”). Then other songs will just be fun to jam out and listen to (“You Want a Battle?). One of their singles, “Army of Noise,” is one that fits both categories.

There’s so much more to say about this album. It’s hard to put it all into words. VENOM is exactly what you would expect from a seasoned band like Bullet For My Valentine. The composition is great, the lyrics are passionate, the instrumentals are phenomenal. In the end, there’s not one bad thing that can be said about the new album. Whether you’re an old fan or a new one, you’ll love VENOM.

VENOM is available now through RCA Records.

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