“Diamond Bright” by Agatha LaFaye: Single Review

Agatha LaFaye is listed as an intriguing blend of experimental, electronic, and pop,  and her new single single “Diamond Bright” has wound it’s way to us for review! I’m pretty excited, because it seems like something that I could really end up enjoying.

The track starts off loose and other worldly, drawing the listener in with ease. The vocals are clear and echoing as they join the experience. The song is creepy in atmosphere, with a slow pacing that only adds to the beauty of the song. It holds the attention well, and the vocals are incredibly impressive. The song displays a wide range of talents, blended together beautifully to create this strange ballad that resonates gently the entire time you listen to it.

All in all? Definitely look this song up. “Diamond Bright” and Agatha LaFaye are more than worthy of your attention. Listen to “Diamond Bright” for yourself over on soundcloud.

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