“Ain’t So Young” by Glamour Assassins: Album Review

Released around a week ago, Ain’t So Young is the debut album from a group called Glamour Assassins. I have the very exciting honor of listening to it and posting a review so the rest of you can learn about this group and check them out for yourselves!

“The Day Rock & Roll Died” starts off with a melodic guitar that easily pulls the song into a energetic blend, leading into vocals that keep themselves equal to the backing instruments. It blends wonderfully, and nothing seems overwhelmed or underwhelmed. The song is easily ear catching and really get the listener involved in the music. It makes an excellent start to the album, and really keeps you hanging on to hear what the rest of the album has to offer. “Hate Song Pt. I (Exile)” begins with a quiet hum, the grows quickly into an open and haunting melody. The vocals come in quickly, and only add to the haunting quality of this short song. It easily holds it’s own against the other tracks, even though it is the shortest on the album. “Phantom of the Disco” opens with a reverberating rhythm that quickly gives way to the vocals. From the start it’s a song that really shows off the singer’s talents. It has a darker air to it in places, but that only adds to the sensation of listening to it. It’s an incredibly intriguing song to listen to, with a variety of sounds and effects that can easily be missed on just one listen through. “Sex Life” begins with an electronic and funky vibe that gets the listener bobbing along to slightly more chaotic sound. The vocals cut in, and take the song to smoother pastures. It’s a song that has a decent amount to groove to it, as well as keeping it to the classier side of sensual. It’s easy to loose yourself in this album, and we’re barely halfway through it.

“Ain’t So Young”, the titular track on the album, opens with a softer sound, melodic and light. It’s quick paced and builds easily. The vocals start off in the distant, and vaguely as a mumble that becomes clearer as the song continues. It’s a relaxing sort of sound that holds the attention really well, and is really a perfect middle point of the album as it blends in a smattering of higher energy parts. “London Fog” begins with a cinematic inspired sound, and strongly resembles the opening notes of a dramatic movie, blending easily into a steady rhythm of drums, complemented by a funky blend of electronics. The song is divine from the start, and the vocals only add to the strange blend of sounds. It’s a beautifully balanced song, and quickly stands out to me as one that i could listen to over and over again. “Scumbag” starts off with a screaming blend of guitar rhythms and melodies that create a bubbly sort of energy. The vocals are buried under the intense guitars at first, but quickly steal the limelight away from the guitars by having a variety of layers that make them seem like they’re coming from every direction at once. The song is quick paced, even in it’s quieter moments, and is a wonderful blend of so many things that it really stands out in the mind. “Never Get Caught” starts with a groovy, electric feel that gives a sense of high energy to the song that really gives me an urge to dance along to it. It blends a fun sound with a slightly secretive feeling that really captures the imagination. It’s easily one of my favorites off the album. “Hate Song Pt. II (Death or Love)” opens with a somber sounding melody that leads into vocals that seem strong against the toned down feeling of the backing instruments. The song is quick paced, but it sprinkles a variety of emotions over it’s duration with a variety of subtle musical changes on top of everything else. It’s fun to listen to, and really makes you appreciate the range of talent that Glamour Assassins has.

All in all, Ain’t So Young is a great debut album from Glamour Assassins. I’m excited to hear more from them in the future. I definitely recommend that you look into the album, and into the band as well. Glamour Assassins can be found on Facebook and Twitter.  They also have a bandcamp.

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