“Perigee” by Perigee: Album review

Perigee’s self titled second album has been described to us as a concept album, and honestly seems incredibly intriguing from the track titles alone. You know me, I’m always intrigued by new artists and the possibilities that the music could have. And just looking at this album has got me more than eager to listen to it.

“Searching (Memoirs Of A New Discovery)” opens the album with a distant electronic beeping sound, growing into a beautiful melody that’s interrupted by radio broadcast complete with slight static. The song continues to build up, really embracing the overall feeling that comes with the idea of space discovery as it reaches a beautiful blend that pulls the listener into the album with ease. It’s a wonderful note to get the album started on, and really gets you ready for the rest of the album. “Charade (Exploring The Surface)”, which features Julie Thurman, starts off with a groovier beat that has sort of a video game feel at times, before the vocals cut in and grab the attention. So far the album is two for two with getting me interested in the music, and that’s quite impressive on it’s own. “Speed Of Sound (An Interruption In Spaceflight)” begins with a deeper reverberating rhythm that is beautiful and easy on the ears.The song starts off slow and sparse, but explodes into a mix of energy and space sounds that holds the attention incredibly well. There’s no vocals to it, but the song holds up wonderfully without. “Words (Retrograde)” starts off with a grating buzz and a darker sound that is quickly imbued with energy that  takes it to a dangerous sort of feeling that flows well with the song, even as it seems to be overcome towards the end of the song as it takes on a more action sounding note. “GO! (Breaking Orbit)” opens with a quieter tilt to the music and an overall sort of fun vibe as the song continues on. It’s a song that’s surprisingly easy to jam along to, and really has an overall upbeat tone to it. It brought a smile to my face at least.

“Remembering (What Went Wrong)” begins with a more subdued feeling at first, but it wastes little time in mixing in a variety of the effects that had already been showcased in the previous songs on the album. It’s rather relaxing in it’s simplicity, and easily keeps the mind on the album at the same time. There’s a soft build of energy that sends the listener crashing into the next few tracks on the album as it drops slowly off. “Loss (The Next Chapter)” starts off with a high pitched, melodic blend of notes that slowly move the song along before it explodes in a variety of bubbly electronic sounds that have this sense of renewal about them. The song continues to build to the point where it’s a blend of high pitched, high energy sounds that isn’t grating on the ears in any way at all. It’s mixed beautifully. “Stillborn Love (Lost In Space)” opens with an energetic hum that flows easily. The song doesn’t have any sudden builds, but instead slowly ebbs along in waves of soft hums and blended sounds that feel like gentle waves rolling along. “Plans (When Upon A Journey And One Becomes Filled With Wonder)” starts off with a higher pitch and slightly more chaotic and grating effects on the music. It’s still beautiful, and easily flows with the rest of the album. It holds the same energy throughout as the rest of the album, but it is a lot slower paced than other tracks, though it does take a darker turn at the end. “A Spacewalk (A Renewed Mind)” begins with the a static sort of beeping and dissonant vocals, but overall has a very peaceful and complete feeling as it draws to a close. It lets the album end on a note that feels completely fulfilled.

This is absolutely gorgeous music. You should definitely go listen to this album and this band immediately. They are well worth taking the chance that comes with new music. Perigee is definitely an artist that I’m excited to hear more from in the years to come. You can find their album on soundcloud, and also on spotify.

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