“Deathless” by Miss May I, Album Review

'Deathless' Album Art Cover. Image Cred: Rise Records

'Deathless' Album Art Cover. Image Cred: Rise RecordsDeathless is the new album by heavy-metal band Miss May I. The new record is being released through Rise Records on August 7th. Joey Sturgis – who worked with Miss May I on their first two records as well as with the band Of Mice & Men – was brought on as a producer for the album, along with Nick Sampson (Asking Alexandria). While this album has some very impressive people backing it, and some very impressive songs, Deathless falls just a few inches too short of what you’d expect for a band’s fifth album.

“I.H.E.” leads off the album, starting off with a solo guitar that slowly grows and builds rhythm to create the song. The tempo is picked up considerably, and you’re launched right into the album – which can be summed up to be your typical heavy metal-rock album. Like many albums of its genre, Deathless has a mix of inspirational songs and songs that tend to have a negative overtone to them. For example, “I.H.E.” basically stands for “I Hate Everything/Everyone” while the following song, “Trust My Heart (Never Hope To Die)” has the lyrics “my dreams will never die / they are all I see.”

While the theme of Deathless isn’t exactly the most original, the lyrics are very vivid. You get a perfect visual of what the songwriters are trying to create, a perfect feeling of what the songwriters might have been feeling. The right song can strike chords in the listener, and you get the feeling that a few of the songs on Deathless will turn into fan favorite anthems.

However, the instrumentals of the album leave a lot to be desired. They’re very good, exceptional. And the flow is amazing. However, there’s not enough variation from song to song. Halfway through the album you’re begging for a sort of change. Instead of Deathless coming across as the passionate work of art that it is, the lack of variation gives the album a very shallow feel. It’s not until the last few songs on the album that you can really sense the album’s depth.

With that being said, there are songs that stand out. “Empty Promises” and “Trust My Heart (Never Hope To Die)” are the two songs that stand out as the most original both lyrically and instrumentally. The lyrics in “Empty Promises” are touching, and the instrumentals perfectly convey the meaning behind the song. So while Deathless falls right on the middle of a one out of ten scale, it’s still a good album constructed by talented musicians. It has songs that are bound to capture someone’s attention. And even if it doesn’t, it’s still definitely worth checking out.

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