“Stare” by Prince, Song Review

“Stare” is the new song by Prince, and it brings back a lot of old flavors and rhythms that you just don’t hear anymore – from Prince or anyone else. It’s filled to the brim with the classic elements that made Prince skyrocket to fame in the first place, but revisited with perspective and perhaps even a bit of nostalgia.

It begins with a burst of nostalgia, with a funky quick bass line that is virtually extinct in today’s music scene. The instrumentals are used and blended together skillfully, using classic techniques to a create a brand new song. The entirety of “Stare” has a kind of old ‘80s-‘90s flare, a certain nostalgia about it. Just the classic feel, the old techniques take you back. But it’s not like hopping into your grandma’s station wagon for old times’ sake. It’s more like buying a 1982 Corvette brand new, fresh off the lot in 2014. “Stare” has that classic style and feel, but with a whole new power behind it.

Prince. Image Cred: BillboardPrince’s vocals are just as versatile as the instruments in the song. His voice is like velvet, smooth and flexible, and totally at one with the melody and message. There are a lot of licks and tricks that “Stare” uses to enhance the vibe of the song, as well as the actual music itself. The lyrics match the music so beautifully, written for each other completely as equals. After the lyrics “Can I get a kiss?” there’s a sample from Prince’s famous song “Kiss” that gives long time fans a laugh, as well as reminding you just what a kiss means to him. There’s also a fade out of the instruments after the lyrics “I’d rather let the music talk / while you and me walk into the past,” only to have them come back even stronger than before.  In “Stare,” the music is a tangible thing with loads of depth. Prince plays with it, creates images with it, and makes you feel like the music is alive.

There’s also an uncensored sexiness about the song. Something in the instrumentals that’s enhanced by suggestive lyrics and amazing vocals just make “Stare” sexy. But the song is still classy, and not crude. That’s just another classic element that Prince has brought back with this song.

There’s really nothing to complain about with this one. “Stare” is smooth as silk, and will make you want to groove more than any other song out today.  And you can listen to the song below.


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