“The Rope” by Bitter’s Kiss, Song Review

BittersSweetChloe Baker is the heart and soul behind the new band Bitter’s Kiss. A singer songwriter from New Jersey, Bitter’s Kiss was a project started to showcase Chloe’s many talents. “The Rope” is a song off of her debut self titled album. This shockingly dark but beautiful song captures your attention from the first note to the last.

In the song, Chloe paints a picture of a possibly depressed person who spends their days devoted to their religion – praying every night and day. In the song, Chloe plays the part of darkest voice, questioning the person on their prayers and explaining how “There’s a quicker way to heaven / if you can find yourself a rope.”

The sweet notes and soft melody are captivating. They highlight the lyrics and enhance Baker’s own vocal talents. “The Rope” has the same feel as “If I Die Young” by The Band Perry. A sadder, tragedy filled message intertwined with a soft, catchy melody. Despite similarities, “The Rope” by Bitter’s Kiss is worlds darker than “If I Die Young.” There’s no young love to sing about, it’s no tragedy upon the sweet and innocent. If anything, the story told and hinted at in “The Rope” is even more tragic, and sadly all the more realistic.

The song is beautiful, from first note to last. You’re captivated and entranced, and the song will leave you with shivers. The song is far from perfect, but it’s still beautiful from first note to last.

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