“Crossing Over” by Rimi, EP Review

Crossing Over Album Art. Image Cred: Rimi's BandcampCrossing Over describes itself as a Bengali-Fusion album. It’s the latest release from Indian-Pop artist Rimi. Similar to her first ep, The Unveiling, one of the primary themes in Crossing Over is the actual, “’crossing over” of boundaries between regions, and the filling of cultural gaps.” And certainly in this EP, you can hear a lot of influences from both western and Indian music.

The songs draw you in with their smooth melodies and instrumentals. The song “Ele Na” is a good example of how Rimi blends all of her influences together to create a totally different sound. But it’s only one example of many good examples. Each song on Crossing Over is different, from its sound and style right down to the way that Rimi uses her voice.

Again, a part of blending the two cultures that inspire her means crossing language barriers as well. Unless you’re fluent in Indian, you might not understand the lyrics. From the English snippets, her lyric writing ability is just as captivating as her voice. But just like The Unveiling, you don’t need to lyrics to really understand the feeling and theme behind the songs on Crossing Over.  The fact that Rimi is able to transcend a language boundary with her music just goes to show you how talented she is.

As far as the differences between Crossing Over and her last EP, they’re vast and in between. The elements that Rimi draws from are more varied on this EP. There’s a lot more smooth jazz and RnB influences on this record than the last. As an artist and musician, Rimi isn’t afraid to explore and cross boundaries. Every song, every record keeps you hooked from the first note to the last.

Trying to describe Rimi’s music with one genre or label is near impossible, because it’s a blend of so many different things. It’s something totally unique and grand, and definitely is worth listening to.

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