“Fragile, As Said Before” by Foreign Tongues, Album Review

Album Art. Image Cred: No Sleep RecordsFragile, As Said Before is the new album from Foreign Tongues. The album, released through No Sleep Records on July 24th, is filled with bitter sweet sounds mixed in with catchy melodies.  You’re drawn in from the first note to the last by these sensitive, captivating lyrics and thoughtful, visual instrumentals. Every note and every song on Fragile, As Said Before feels perfectly in place, a complete piece of art from beginning to end. And even if it’s not the happiest of albums, you get the sense that you’re listening to something wonderful.

Fragile, As Said Before starts off on a somewhat slower, sweet note with “Fools of Love.” The album doesn’t really pick up until halfway through. But even though the melodies are slower, they’re still completely captivating. There’s just something in the way that the songs are mixed and blended that allows you to hear almost every instrument at the same time.

The way that Fragile, As Said Before is produced gives each and every song a sort of tangible depth. And that depth is what makes it possible for listeners to get lost deep inside the songs – whether or not you can personally relate to the theme or not. This is exceptionally obvious in “Concrete Pillow.”

The instrumentals are varied and beautiful – no song sounds exactly like the last. The vocals aren’t as varied, and you can tell that the singer doesn’t have a lot of range. But his voice is still beautiful, and talented. The way that his voice matches and blends into the lyrics is amazing. The vocals don’t feel out of place, or like they were pasted on top of the instrumentals. The singer is totally at one with the song, and the way that this album is produced just enhances that connection.

The connection was most obvious with the song “Sundress.” There’s something about the lyrics and the vocals that just take you back to the scene he’s singing about. It’s bittersweet, melancholy, and yet so beautiful. And that feeling wouldn’t be complete without the instrumentals and melodies. And it’s one of the best songs on the album, in my humble opinion.

In the end, Fragile, As Said Before is a delightful, absolutely beautiful album made by an extraordinarily talented band. While it might not be your all time favorite, the album will definitely be one that you’ll order again.

You can get the album now through No Sleep Records.

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