“Young and Beautiful” by Luke Maxim, Song Review

Luke Maxim. Image Cred: LukeMaximMusic.com

Luke Maxim. Image Cred: LukeMaximMusic.com“Young and Beautiful” by Lana Del Ray became an instant classic with the summer blockbuster “The Great Gatsby,” for which Del Ray’s song served as the soundtrack. One of the songs biggest admirers is new artist Luke Maxim. Following in the likes of Michael Buble and Harry Connick Jr., Luke was anxious to apply his talent and smooth vocals to this instant classic.

The original version of “Young and Beautiful” by Lana Del Ray is simple but grand. With a full sized orchestra and instrument carefully layered upon instrument, the song has this sense of grandeur, of importance and meaning. But Luke Maxim’s cover of the song strips back that grandiose feeling for a much simpler, sweeter feel. You still have the piano, the strings. But where the original song is fit to fill a ball room, you get a much more intimate feeling with Maxim’s cover.

What leads the instrumentals is Luke Maxim’s voice. It’s sweet, simple, and powerful all at the same time. Maxim’s voice has the power and discipline to do justice to a song timeless as “Young and Beautiful.” With Luke’s cover, the words are that much deeper, that much sweeter. With how much air play as the song has gotten, you forget just how emotional and poignant the lyrics are. Luke Maxim’s stripped back cover manages to remind us all how beautiful “Young and Beautiful” really is.

It’s a wonderful, delightful cover that showcases Luke Maxim’s talents as a singer and musician well. It is definitely worth a listen to.

You can find “Young and Beautiful” on Luke Maxim’s upcoming album, Stay.

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