“Cheap Little Thrill” by Matchstickmen, Single Review

Matchstickmen. Image Cred: Holier Than Thou RecordsMatchstickmen are a rock n roll band out of Liverpool, with a brand new song called “Cheap Little Thrill.” “Cheap Little Thrill” is the second single off of their second album, From Our Own Ashes. “Cheap Little Thrill” has this sort of old school, classic rock n roll vibe to it. Every note, every lyric has that spark of passion and energy. That energy is what makes this song so great to listen to.

When you listen to “Cheap Little Thrill,” you get the feeling that you’re listening to something new but classic at the same time. With the new single, Matchstickmen have brought back the old school rock sound that you would hear from a garage or pub rock band in the 1980s or ‘90s. Except it’s not just a throwback – the classic sound in “Cheap Little Thrill” is renewed, reenergized, amped up with modern rock elements.

The vocals are reminiscent of songs from days gone by as well. Singing through a megaphone, the vocals have that kind of deep, slick sound that makes them sound more instrumental, more electric. In a small way, having that effect makes the vocals match the guitar. It gives the vocals that spark that they need to stand out and compliment the song. But what really pushes “Cheap Little Thrill” above and beyond is the hook just before the chorus. That classic yet new melody will make the listeners want to get up and dance.

There’s really nothing dramatically wrong with “Cheap Little Thrill.” The production is good, the lyrics are good, and the instrumentals are near perfect. That isn’t to say that this is the best song you’ll ever hear. There are a lot of little tweaks and changes that could be made to give it that made in a million dollar studio feel. But part of the appeal of “Cheap Little Thrill” is that it doesn’t sound perfect.

In the end, “Cheap Little Thrill” is an absolute delight to listen to. It’s a blast from the past and fresh out of the box at the same time. Any rock in roll fan is bound to love it.

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