“A Church On a Boat In the Sea” by Grumsling, EP Review

Grumsling-ChurchOnaBoatIntheSeaCoverA Church, On a Boat, In the Sea is the latest EP from Grumsling, an art project band from California. Their music revolves around a creature of their own creation; The Grumsling, a trickster creature that loves mischief and mayhem. The songs on A Church, On a Boat, In the Sea are very vivid and imaginative. Just like their previous ep, Full Coverage, the music paints a very detailed picture and creates a good feeling about what The Grumsling is all about. However, as a follow up to Full Coverage, the new ep doesn’t capture your attention as well.

A part of why A Church, On a Boat, In the Sea isn’t as captivating as Full Coverage is because the tempos are more laid back. Instead of modern rock n roll songs that you can rock out to, A Church, On a Boat, In the Sea has a more classic, 1960s pop-rock feel. The songs are still incredible though.

All of the songs on A Church, On A Boat, In the Sea have a good feel to them, a good rhythm to them. The EP itself is consistent with its sound and themes, and one song flows smoothly into the next. Certain songs tell stories, while others are there just to give listeners a better feel for what the Grumsling represents.

Instrumentally, Grumsling are a little ahead of their time with A Church, On A Boat, In the Sea. The way that they can use their instruments to create new and unique sounds is absolutely amazing, and will still blow you away.  As well as creating new sounds, Grumsling takes these classic elements and fuses them in the best of ways. “Lightning” was a perfect example of this, with the way that they blend a smooth jazz, RnB feel in with a rock, David Bowie like sound. It was absolutely incredible.

Over all, A Church On A Boat In the Sea is a great EP to listen to, and most definitely helps to define Grumsling as a band. And even though it’s different from their last EP, it’s still worth listening to.

You can get A Church On a Boat In the Sea now through House of Faith Records.

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