“Tragedy Will Find You” by Counterparts, Album Review

Tragedy Will Find Us album art. Cred: Pure Noise RecordsTragedy Will Find Us is the new album from Counterparts, a heavy metal Canadian energy with a lot to say and a great way of saying it. It’s not an inspiring, uplifting album – as title Tragedy Will Find Us might suggest. Even though it’s not entirely on the positive side of things, Tragedy Will Find Us captures your attention with heavy guitar riffs and raw, emotional lyrics.

The instrumentals in Tragedy Will Find Us are somewhat breath taking. In every song, the instrumentals work together and act as the narrator. It’s not the lyrics that generate the feeling, it’s the instrumentals. The lyrics could be anything really, and the feeling would still be the same. But the lyrics are perfect – they’re raw and emotional. There’s no beating around the bush, you know exactly how the singer feels with those lyrics. However, when compared to the instrumentals, the lyrics just the cherry on top of the song.

As raw, pure, and emotional as the songs are on Tragedy Will Find Us, over time they get to you. You feel like you’re getting dragged down into the singer’s sadness, and there’s no obvious up turn. That’s part of the brutal honesty to it though. If you are in that space where nothing is right, and it’s one of the darkest moments of your life, you feel like you’re not alone. If you weren’t there at the beginning of the album, then some sort of negativity or tragedy will find its way to you and you’ll notice a decline in your mood.

Though again, the negativity of this album doesn’t stop it from being a good album. Tragedy Will Find Us is still a beautiful piece of artwork, in every sense of the word. It’s beautiful, emotional, raw, and a true delight to listen to. Even with the negativity.

Tragedy Will Find Us is available now through Pure Noise Records.

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