“Strip It Down” by Luke Bryan: Single Review

Luke Bryan is a great singer and performer. He’s been a favorite of mine for a long time, and his songs usually leave me in a pleasant mood whenever I listen to him. Happily, he’s pretty good about having a constant stream of new music coming out, so it’s little surprise that another new song by him was released just last week. So, today’s post is going to be all over Luke Bryan’s “Strip It Down” and I’m far too eager to waste time in preamble.

The song starts off with a high pitched piano melody and a grooving rhythm. Luke Bryan’s vocals are husky and sensual against the music. The music is evocative in a variety of ways, and certainly shows a different side of Luke Bryan’s musical style. It’s another experimental step in the country music genre, and it works incredibly well with Luke’s voice and previous hits. It’s an easy stand out, and lacks a good bit of that country twang.

All in all, “Strip It Down” is a fantastic, emotive, and provocative song that really captures the attention when it plays. it’s an interesting release, and somewhat refreshing to hear the country genre still evolving and changing as it’s always done over the many many years that it’s been cycling through the musical world.

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