VIP Experience Companies Making Dreams Come True

Sound Rink logo. Credit: Sound Rink FB PageIt’s every fan’s dream to meet their favorite band or musician. To make that dream come true, fans used to be the thirty-first caller into a radio station, or wait out by the tour bus like a creepy stalker fan. But with VIP Experience Packages, meeting your band is literally easy as buying a ticket.

Any major tour lately has an option for fans to buy a VIP Ticket or Fan Experience Package. These don’t come cheap, but it’s well worth the money to meet your favorite band. The option to meet your favorite band has become so popular that it’s created it’s own sector of the music industry. VIP Experience companies have been popping up on every corner to make dreams come true for millions of fans. These companies team up with artists and their record labels to create and arrange that special moment for bands and their fans.

One of those companies is Sound Rink, a company that has been working for over thirty years to arrange affordable, unique VIP Fan Experience Packages. They’ve worked with all sorts of bands and tours, including the Shot Boys of Summer Tour by State Champs.  With plans to release an app right around the corner, Sound Rink is one of the most innovative companies in the VIP/Fan Experience/Ticketing sector.

These VIP Tickets/Fan Experience Packages can be anything. Front row tickets to your favorite festival, backstage access at a concert, getting to see your band do sound check, or even more intimate things like a dinner or Q&A Session with the band. Some of the more unique packages that Sound Rink offers for their tours and artists, for example, can be anything from a champagne toast, exclusive performance, or pizza party. It goes far beyond the normal handshake and pictures.

Not only that, but Sound Rink gives fans the ability to buy tickets for these experience before anyone else – and for one of the lowest fees around. But even with the low fees, it’ll still cost fans more than a general admittance ticket would.

There’s a reason for these high prices. The trend in VIP Tickets/Fan Experience Packages started as a way to make up for the decline in music sales. Piracy and music streaming services put a large dent in music sales, which affected musicians’ bottom line. As a way to make up for the lack of music sales, VIP Experiences were created. As was the music sector that makes it happen.

But it’s about a lot more than the money, as Sound Rink keeps in mind. The VIP Ticket/Fan Experience Packages also provide musicians and their fans with a once in a life time experience. Sound Rink’s primary goal with their packages is to make sure that fans get a good bang for their buck. They want to make sure that when fans meet their favorite bands, it’s everything that they could have ever hoped for. Because after all, they’re making dreams come true.

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