APMAs Live Broadcast by AXS-TV Experiences 10 Minutes of Dead Air

APMAs Logo. Image Cred: Alt PressThe 2nd Annual Alternative Press Music Awards is taking place at Quicken Loans Arena in Alternative Press’ hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. And unfortunately, the show had technical difficulties from the moment that it started.

The show started off with a performance from the Contemporary Youth Orchestra, which seemed like it was alright enough even if the sound was slightly uneven. But as All Time Low took the stage to perform a melody of hits from the rock legends that came before them, the technical difficulties just rolled in one after another. It became obvious that there were issues in how the sound was being broadcast – one instrument was sometimes higher than the other, and in their performance of “Something’s Gotta Give,” the other instruments were totally drowned out by host Alex Gaskarth’s vocals.

But the worst technical difficulties came when the show was actually starting, and the hosts started speaking. Anyone watching the live stream or live on AXS TV couldn’t hear anything that the hosts were saying. It only lasted a few minutes – but then the live broadcast was cut off. For the thousands of people that were watching online and on AXSTV experienced over ten minutes of dead air. In place of the live broadcast, AXSTV played music videos with a disclaimer about the technical difficulties.

Once the technical difficulties were fixed, the Alternative Press Music Awards simply started over with hopes of no more technical difficulties. And by the time that Black Veil Brides finished their set, the remaining sound issues seemed to have sorted themselves out.

Image Cred: Alternative Press

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