“Master Drone” by The Unravelling, Song Review

Master Drone Cover Art. Image Cred: Shaun FriesenThe Unravelling are an industrial, heavy metal, hard rock band that transcends genres with every song they release. After a hiatus for band member Steve Moore’s battle with cancer, The Unravelling is back and better than ever with their new song “Master Drone.”

The song uses classic and new heavy metal elements to capture your attention, both instrumentally and vocally. The vivid lyrics to “Master Drone” are what stand out, because they generate a feeling and a picture. With all of that in mind, listeners still might have trouble forming a connection to this song though.

“The Master Drone is certain of his reality, and therefore living through an artifact. He is opinionated, and likely a respectable, ambitious member of society. He could be a motivational speaker, an atheist, a religious leader, a ‘life coach’ or a serial entrepreneur. He thrives within identity and strives for new identities as he grows old. He’s in all of us. He represents our human programming.”

– Steve Moore, lead vocalist of The Unravelling

Lyrically, “Master Drone” pushes boundaries beyond imagination. Not only does it paint a picture, but paired with the music you generate a feeling that stays with you long after the song is over. But without a good vocalist, the lyrics would mean nothing. There’s something about the way that Steve Moore sings that makes it really just kind of hit home. It’s one of those things where you either have it or you don’t – and Steve Moore definitely has that gift for making the lyrics come alive.

The vocals and lyrics might not be the first thing that you notice on your first listen through of “Master Drone.” The instrumentals are something creative and intriguing. What stands out most is the guitar. The guitar is good, it kind of drives the song along. But in your first few times listening to “Master Drone,” the guitar is likely all you’re going to notice. It over-powers all of the other instruments in the song – including the wonderful vocals at times. When all you’re really hearing is the guitar, it’s hard to get into the song or really build a connection with it. And with lyrics as the ones found in “Master Drone,” the vocals should be brought up front and center in production.

Aside from the overpowering guitar, everything in “Master Drone” is pretty solid. When listening to this song, you definitely won’t be bored or disappointed. Though it might take you a while to connect with the song.

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