“Heart of Armor” by Jules, EP Review

JulesHeart of Armor is the first EP release from Jules, a pop-rock artist inspired by the likes of P!nk and Avril Lavigne. Jules’ voice is strong, deep, and confident – not traits that you expect from a fourteen year old girl. The Heart of Armor EP is proof that she’s got talent and wisdom far beyond her years, and the dedication to become a rock star.

The six-song EP starts off with a more pop sound, but that slowly transforms into more mature rock sounds and ballads. With the transformation comes a change in theme. At the beginning of Heart of Armor EP, she’s singing about being a “Super Girl” and seeing the “City Lights.” But by the end of the EP, she’s dedicating a whole piano ballad to what I can only imagine must be a very important person. Initially, the pop elements do come across as overplayed, overused even, the Heart of Armor EP still completely original and completely worth your time.

One of the most prominent songs on the Heart of Armor EP was Jules’ cover of “One Of Us.” She did more than give the classic song her own spin; she truly made it her own. And as she’s singing the song, you can tell just how much she enjoys it and how much it might mean to her. It becomes something totally new.

“My Little Soldier (Kevin’s Song)” was the grand finale to the EP, and it takes your breath away. You’re left wondering how a young girl could become so wise. The amount of passion in the song is amazing. There really aren’t words to describe it.  And it leaves the listener feeling like Heart of Armor is something incredibly important; which in a lot of ways, it is.

Jules is making her debut into the music world with a bang, every note she creates demanding well deserved attention. The pop elements to Heart of Armor can be a little off putting. But there’re so many other things about the EP that stand out, and display all of the talent that Jules has. It’s well worth the time, and I’m excited to see where Jules goes from here.

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