“Mobile Orchestra” by Owl City: Album review

So, Mobile Orchestra has been released, but I just got to a point where I could sit down and listen to it for a review since I’ve been doing a lot of visiting and traveling about this summer so it took me a week to get back to real heavy duty work. All the same, I’m really excited to review the album, and I certainly hope that I get to add a few more favorites from Owl City off of it. It’s been a week though, so let’s get down to business!

Verge“, which features Aloe Blacc, has been previously reviewed and so I won’t be spending a ton of time on it. “I Found Love” starts off with stark vocals the echo against a background the grows quickly to a energetic hum. It’s soft and emotive song that draws the listener in with ease. The energy of the song embraces the listener and pull them deeper into the album. It’s a song that is incredibly easy to love and let wash over you as you listen to it. Thus, it’s clearly a fast favorite for me. “Thunderstruck”, featuring Sarah Russell, opens with a grooving, club like energy that builds up quickly, and quickly gets the listener dancing along to it as it plays. It’s a beautiful balance between the dance vibe and the emotive vocals. It blends wonderfully, and really offers a view of the spectrum Owl City can create when paired against “I Found Love”. It’s quick paced and great to groove along to. “My Everything” has been previously reviewed as well, so as normal it gets brought back up. “Unbelievable”, which features Hanson, starts with whistling that helps the melody balance against the stronger beat, and builds easily to a really fast paced song. From the first few notes it takes on a nostalgic  vibe which is quickly balanced against a wild and hopeful optimism for all that comes next. It’s another quick favorite for me because it easily brings a smile to my face. It has such a happy energy, and it’s beautiful on top of all that.

“Bird With a Broken Wing” begins with a quick, grinding build and has a slightly heavier presence in the music. The vocals are evenly paced with the heavier music base. The song moves at a steady pace, and easily plays off of the energy of the last song even while taking its own energy and wrapping it around the listener like a blanket. The song plays beautifully off so many affects that it easily becomes another favorite just for being so uplifting. “Back Home”, featuring Jake Owen, opens with a slower pacing and evocative lyrics. It blends in a country sound, but still maintains that electropop sound that defines Owl City. It’s a song that has a relaxing energy, and really shows the middle ground between two otherwise very different music genres. “Can’t Live Without You” starts off with a gentle melody and rhythm that pulls the song along with ease. The vocals are kind of stark at first, but quickly blend in with the music as the song builds in energy and sound. It’s a song with a lot of positive, fun energy that pulls the listener along and really gets them lost in the energy of the music. It flows so well with the rest of the album, it’s evocative, and incredibly sweet on top of that. “You’re Not Alone”, which features Britt Nicole, opens with a quiet and sad feeling to the tone of the song, but it builds bit by bit and starts changing tones quickly. By the first chorus, the energy completely changes. It’s a wonderful turn around that blends in religious overtones in a way that’s not too overbearing. “This Isn’t the End” was reviewed as part of Ultraviolet along with three other beautiful songs.

All in all, this has been an incredible album. You should definitely go and give it a listen if you haven’t already. It’s another wonderful addition to Owl City’s library. I’ve collected a lot of new favorite songs from this album. It’s incredibly well put together, and really held my attention through out it’s short length. I can’t wait until their next release, even though this album is already here. Until then, there’s plenty of Owl City to sate cravings.

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