“Tragedy” by Counterparts, Song Review

Counterparts. Image Cred: Pure Noise RecordsOn July 8th, Counterparts released their newest single “Tragedy” on AltPress.com. The song is off of their upcoming record, Tragedy Will Find Us, dropping July 24th through Pure Noise Records (US) and New Damage (Canada).  The song is somewhat intense, and sometimes in all of the wrong ways. With beautiful instrumentals and somewhat powerful lyrics, you can tell right from the start that “Tragedy” is a highly emotional song for the band and the songwriter especially.

In reality, “Tragedy” leaves a lot to be desired. The instrumentals are good, but are quickly overwhelmed and overpowered by the vocals. The vocals are good at times, but they don’t really match into the feel and the lyrics to the song. They act as this harsh, overbearing, loud element to an otherwise soft and emotional song. When you listen to just the instrumentals and the lyrics, you just get this softer vibe, even if it is only slightly. But the particular vocals used in the song have the narrator of the song screaming angrily into the void when it feels like he should be whispering – or at least talking calmly.

The instrumentals do match the vocals’ harsh tones occasionally, making it feel a little bit more put together at times. The instrumentals serve as the basis of the song, and they guide the listener and generate the appropriate feeling. It’s hard to pick out one instrument from the other, and there’s more than one part where you feel like it’s a mess of sound guided by a single guitar and a screaming voice. But even with all of that, the talent is evident, as the emotion that the songwriter poured into the song.

Other than the overall feeling of displacement from the vocals, “Tragedy” is a good song. You can feel the emotions from the vocalist and lead singer, Brian Murphy, in every note. You can feel how much pain that he went through, might still be going through. You get a sense of all of that. The lyrics are good at painting that picture, especially the last line (“I am not a mortal/I am a metaphor/for moving forward”).

While it does leave a lot to be desired, “Tragedy” is a good song and Counterparts is a great band. But for the title track of their fourth album, Tragedy Will Find Us, you can’t help but to expect a little more from it.

Tragedy Will Find Us can be bought on July 24th, through Pure Noise Records and New Damage.

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