“The Unveiling” by Rimi, EP Review

The Unveiling Cover Art. Image Cred; Rimi BandcampThe Unveiling is the debut from artist Rimi, an Indian-American singer based out of Los Angeles, California. The goal of The Unveiling, as read on their BandCamp page, was to blend Indian pop music with Western. That’s just a simple way of putting it. In blending the two genres that are usually seen as totally separate entities, Rimi has gone above and beyond to create her own sound that can’t be described with any sort of label.

The debut EP The Unveiling was released back in March, and has a unique and beautiful blend of sounds at its disposal. It absolutely blows you away at how beautiful these sounds are, and how many different elements are in play at once. When you listen to it, you’re not reminded strictly of Indian-pop music nor are you reminded of any pop song you’d hear on the American radio right now. It actually has the sounds of ‘90s R&B twisted in with Indian music – like if Craig David ever decided to become a Bollywood artist.

Unless you’re exceptionally fluent in Indian, it’s likely that you’re not going to understand these lyrics. But the best part of music is that you don’t need to speak the same language to know that it’s good. You get the gist of what the song is about because it generates a sort of feeling within you as listen to it. And the vocals are superb. But even with that feeling, there are a couple of blocks that make it slightly harder to listen to.

When you listen to The Unveiling for the first time at least, you have a hard time melting into it. There’s not a smooth flow from one song to the next. The sounds all have the similar flavors to them, but just the similar flavors isn’t enough to make it feel like all of these songs belong on the same album. There’s such a dramatic difference from the sounds of “Maahiya” to the song immediately after, “Keh Du?” that you feel like you totally switched albums.

As far as their original goal of blending the two different styles of music together, Rimi totally nailed it. Each song is beautiful, unique, and individual. While you can tell that this is Rimi’s first effort and she has a long way to go, The Unveiling is still an absolute joy to listen to.

You can listen to The Unveiling by Rimi through her BandCamp Page. 

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