“Bent Up Halo” by Broken Guru, Album Review

BrokenGuru-Bent Up HaloBent Up Halo is the first, full length album from Broken Guru – a new rock band out of New York City. Broken Guru describes themselves as a fiery garage, psychedelic rock trio. Listening to their music, you’re instantly reminded of maybe early Green Day mixed with an early Lenny Kravitz. But in reality, their sound is so unique that you have a hard time comparing it to anything else.

Listening to Bent Up Halo is like going into a time machine back to the 1960s-70s. The flavor and flare of David Bowie, The Beatles, and others from that time period is obvious in Broken Guru’s music. However, there are certain snippets of it that are heavily inspired by the rock sounds of today. “28 Cents” has that heavier, slightly more guitar centric feeling that reminds you of maybe a teenage garage punk band from today rather than the 60s.

On Bent Up Halo, one song transitions smoothly into the other – the instrumentals, the lyrics, everything just fits together nicely. The album itself is like an art piece instead of just a collection of singles. At the same time, each song is distinct with its own groove. There isn’t a single song on this that doesn’t have a nice groove. There’s just something about the vocals, the lyrics, the instruments – it just creates this nice sound that’s basically the definition of rock n roll, in its purest form.

With all of that being said, the album does get repetitive at a certain point. There’s not enough variation with the songs – which is common for any album, really. There’s just something about this band that screams that they’re better live than they are on CD. While listening to Bent Up Halo, you get the mental image of Broken Guru playing in a small bar back in the early ‘90s; each member totally at one with their instrument, the sound and cigarette smoke filling the room, all of the audience just totally lost in the music even though it’s just a local band. “My Universe” is the song that really triggers the mental image though.

That doesn’t say that Broken Guru won’t go far and become a popular band though. Bent Up Halo is their first CD, and they have so much potential. There isn’t a doubt in my mind that that this will go far.

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