“Big Vacation” by Run Forever, Review

Big Vacation Cover. Cred: No Sleep RecordsRun Forever is an indie-rock band preparing to release their third album later this year through No Sleep Records. In preparation for the new album, Run Forever are releasing a 7” single called Big Vacation to be released July 10th through No Sleep Records. The songs off of Big Vacation aren’t exactly going to be on your party playlist for the summer. But they’re still great songs that convey a lot of emotion.

Big Vacation starts off with heavy instrumentals to go along with heavier content. The instrumentals of the leading title track manage to put the feeling of being in a rut into a tangible form. It first describes trying to save up for a big vacation at a job that you don’t like, and spirals from there. You get the feeling that the narrator has lost passion for everything – a feeling that most, if not all of its listeners will be able to relate to.

Big Vacation is compromised of only three songs, but it generates a good flow anyways. From first track to last, it feels like a complete piece of art. The instrumentals of all the songs sound different, but they have the same vibe to them. The guitars are the leading element to the song and set the tone. In “Lake Pleasant,” the guitar and vocals act as one instrument. It kind of reminds one of Weezer. But at the same time, Run Forever has such a different sound that it’s hard to compare the two bands.

Though very much like the songwriting for Weezer, it’s blunt honest and right to the point. And it conveys the appropriate feeling in the best possible way, whether those feelings are good or bad. The songwriting, truthfully, is what will stands out the most about Big Vacation.

In the end, while it is a fairly emotional and downer 7”, Run Forever’s Big Vacation is an absolute delight to listen to.

Big Vacation is available through No Sleep Records on July 10th.

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