“Sugar Dream” by Valley Shine, Song Review

ValleyShine-SugarDream“Sugar Dream” is the delightful, upbeat new song by Valley Shine. Valley Shine is a band from California, who’s unique sound is heavily influenced by a mix of folk acoustic and pop. Their debut EP, LOCA will be released in Fall of 2015.

The song “Sugar Dream” catches you instantly with their upbeat melodies and catchy tunes. Even though there are a lot of different elements to the song, “Sugar Dream” does have a kind of simple feel to it. In a way, it has the flavors similar to a lot of Plain White T’s songs, but especially “Rhythm of Love.” It’s that amped up acoustic feel to create something that’s not your standard pop, but not exactly acoustic either.

The lyrics sing a tale of a love that didn’t work out. But despite the theme, the song manages to be happy, light. . Initially, you would think that this would create a huge discrepancy between the song and the lyrics. But instead, the melody enhances and changes the story up. Even though there’s heartache there, even though it’s sad, the couple in the story knows that they’re better off being just friends. They’re happier this way. It’s such a unique way to tell the story. This was my favorite part.

Aside from delightful tunes, pleasant vocals, and a great message – there’s nothing else that stands out about “Sugar Dream.” But a song doesn’t have to stand out like a rose in a field of dandylions to be a great song. It’s perfect just the way that it is. Valley Shine have that kind of natural chemistry between them to make anything that they do absolutely fantastic, no matter what it is. And I’m very excited to see what will come from them in the future.

LOCA will release in Fall of 2015.

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