“Cut The Cord” by Shinedown: Single Review

Shinedown always puts out some ridiculously emotive songs that really catch the ear most of the time. They’re a group that I often enjoy listening to whenever the mood strikes, and so for today’s review we’ll be focusing on a single they released last week. It’s been harried on both ends lately, so I don’t want to waste anymore time on preamble. We’re here for the music, so let’s just hit play and get this show rolling.

The song starts off with a high pitched and cacophonous sound that easily builds an eerie atmosphere with the addition of dissonant chorus vocals that give way to the main vocals with ease. The song is incredibly quick paced and heavy, and it holds the attention amazingly well. it’s a little overwhelming and can leave you breathless with how fast paced it is and how quickly it hits that pacing. The song balances itself out well, and doesn’t leave the listener too lost in the speed of the song. It doesn’t get slower, far from it in fact. The song builds itself with ease, and has an excellent energy to it that simply helps build the overall affect of the song.

It’s an absolutely fantastic song that really meets everything I could want from a Shinedown song. I definitely recommend that you give it a listen. Shinedown have yet to release a lot of information, but it’s clear that this single is just the first stepping stone before their next studio album which we will hopefully hear more about soon.

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