“Full Coverage” by Grumsling, EP Review

Grumsling. Photo by: Gary Malec PhotographyGrumsling is a band from Oakland, California. More than a band, they’re an art project. Their music is a narrative for a creature called The Grumsling, and their music also serves as a soundtrack of sorts for the upcoming graphic novels by David Lafuente. This unique art adventure goes far beyond what any other indie band is doing today, and so far, we’re a huge fan of it at Music Unlabeled.

Full Coverage was an EP released back in March of 2014. It’s a 7 track record with amazing, out of these world sounds with an even more out of this world story to tell. It’s a story that you won’t regret listening to.

“The Grumsling is a force of mischief. A trickster. He is a force of darkness, but not evil. In fact, the Grumsling denies any division of the world into good and evil and only sees the world in degrees of chaos and fun. The Grumsling lives in a shadow dimension and only emerges to disrupt anything or anyone who is too serious, and to give itself a chuckle.”

– Info off of the Grumsling’s BandCamp

In addition to the incredibly unique project that Grumsling has up their sleeves, their music is really imaginative. The vocals and lyrics convey the story of the Grumsling well, and paired with the captivating instrumentals, they stir up a feeling in the listener. The instrumentals are creative, unique, and captivating. The fact that the musicians in Grusmling are able to use the instruments to create such out of this world, never heard before sounds just goes to show you how much talent that they have. Even with the lyrics and the creativity of the project, the instrumentals are still my favorite part.

Production wise, Full Coverage exceeds expectations. You’re not straining to hear all of the little, finite details from each of the songs. Any effects or clips added to the songs are easily heard, and they don’t distort the overall sound too much. If I were to change one thing, it would be how the vocalist comes across on some of the songs. On a few of the songs, the vocalist isn’t easily heard. It’s almost like the vocalist and the instruments are competing for your attention at parts. There are times that it becomes distracting from the song, but it doesn’t distract from the enjoyment of Full Coverage.

Full Coverage has a really great flow to it. There’s not a single note that seems out of place. The narrative that Full Coverage tries to tell manages to flow really well too. Instead of telling a straight forward story though, the songs on Full Coverage seem to generate more of a feeling. You get a good feel to the kind of creature that the Grumsling is, as well as their effect on other people (and you the listener.) The songs and Full Coverage as a whole will make more sense once the comic books are out, I’m sure. But Full Coverage makes you excited to see what future music and art from the Grumsling project will be like.

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