“Friendly Enemies” by Jule Vera, EP Review

JuleVera-FriendlyEnemiesFriendly Enemies is the new EP from Jule Vera. To give you an idea about what they sound like, picture something like a mix of early Paramore infused with certain elements of classical music. In the alternative rock scene, their music isn’t a breath of fresh air. But just a glimmer of hope in what the future might hold.

In a world where most music comes from primarily from DJs and synths, it’s nice to hear actual instruments – especially when it comes to a new band. The intro to Friendly Enemies was an instrumental track titled “1896.” It was soft, sweet, developing a melody to capture your attention. You could picture the pianist and vocalist alone, in a theatre, setting the mood for some play in the late 1800s. It just seemed fitting.

“1896” flowed right into “Chemical Machines.” Like actualized machines, every sound is carefully orchestrated and fit together like pieces of a puzzle. The piano, the guitar, the drums, the vocals; it all fits together in just the right way to create the song “Chemical Machines.” They don’t only capture your attention, but pulls you in like a gravitational pull.

But what really pulled me in about “Chemical Machines” – and really, all of the Friendly Enemies EP was the lyrics. They translate thoughts and feelings into actual, tangible lyrics. That’s the biggest goal to reach as a writer, to be able to do that. The lyricist for Jule Vera should feel very accomplished.

There was times where the instrumentals didn’t quite match up with the song lyrics, but these moments were few and far between. And as far as the vocals, they left a lot to be desired at times. But with a powerful voice like that comes great responsibility, and lots of training. I’m excited to see how the vocals will develop and change with the band.i

One of the songs that stand out to me was “Die Trying.” There was such emotion flowing from that song, in everything from the lyrics to the instrumentals to the vocals, that it sweeps you away. You get lost in it. You feel that same emotion building up inside of you. It’s an amazing feeling. And to top it all off, it sends a great message.

In the end, Friendly Enemies is just the beginning. But it’s definitely a fantastic place to start. With as much emotion and talent as Jule Vera has, I couldn’t give a bigger recommendation.

You can get the Friendly Enemies EP through Pure Noise Records now.

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