“Extraordinary” by Prince Royce: Single Review

Today is going to be another single I chose at random off of Spotify’s new releases. It just felt like that sort of day. That being said, it makes it a little obvious that I haven’t really listened to Prince Royce before now. This is bound to be and adventure one way or the other in all honesty, so why not just get down to the music and skip this preamble?

Extraordinary starts out with a slow melody and a littering of a light beat that easily pulls the song together, letting the vocals cut across with ease and draw the attention. It becomes clear that the singer has a lot of talent and a decent range as the vocals help the song to move along. It’s a very emotive song that moves along at a pretty decent pace, somewhere in between fast and slow that lets it feel like both at the same time. It’s easy on the ears and blends a variety of notes and changes together with ease.

All in all, it’s a very pretty song that really captures the attention. It’s worth a listen most definitely, and really was quite a delight to come across in the new releases tab of Spotify. Prince Royce has a wonderful voice and used it to create what happens to be a beautiful song that really helps to display his vocal talents.

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