“Delilah Sings Sarah + 1: A Tribute to Sarah Vaughan” by Delilah, EP Review

DelilahsingsSarah+1-AlbumCoverDelilah is a singer songwriter out of Budapest, Hungary. She’s been performing since the age of 10, and has an immeasurable amount of talent. Delilah is also a huge fan of Sarah Vaughan, an American jazz singer-songwriter just as memorable as Frank Sinatra. Delilah is paying tribute to the great singer in the form of a four song EP titled, Delila Sings Sarah + 1.

Sarah Vaughn was a beloved singer from the ‘40s, and is just as memorable as Frank Sinatra as far as music. Her voice, her words, her talent is something that has long since faded in the music industry today. Her music, the songs that live on today, have a certain charm that no one else can quite capture.

But Delilah tries her best. Delilah’s rich, silky smooth, sweet as chocolate voice captures you instantly and draws you in. As you listen to one song after the other, you feel a small sense of nostalgia remembering these songs as they must have sounded in their glory days, performed by Sarah Vaughan. And you can’t help but to feel that Delilah has recreated the atmosphere of that time, of Vaughan’s music, as perfect as she can be.

The instrumentals are near perfect as well. They help to give the songs their depth, to help recreate the atmosphere and energy that goes into these songs. Even more impressive than the instrumentals is the production. Delilah Sings Sarah + 1 was produced by Academy Award Winner, Joe Renzetti, and mixed by Bobby Brooks – both of which have their fair share of fame and experience behind them. The way that it’s mixed and produced makes it sound like it’s straight out of the 1940s – or even better yet, that you’re right there with Delilah in an old music venue, with the big band behind her as she sings all of these classics.

Overall, Delilah Sings Sarah + 1 is a wonderful experience, almost like a trip back in time.

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