EXCLUSIVE: Q&A Session with Mat Welsh from While She Sleeps

While She Sleeps. Cred: Razor & Tie Publicity.

While She Sleeps. Cred: Razor & Tie Publicity.While She Sleeps is a metal band from the UK and have dropped two amazing full length albums so far. This summer they’re touring the United States with Vans Warped Tour and making a special appearance at the Alternative Press Music Awards. But even with their busy schedule, lead vocalist for the band Mat Welsh took some time to answer some questions from Music Unlabeled.

Music Unlabeled: You guys are going to be with Vans Warped Tour this summer. Are you guys excited? Is there anything that you’re really looking forward to?
Mat Welsh: Yeah, we’re stoked! It’s fun for us to be back in America and playing to new people! Everyday is an adventure for us.

What about the other bands and artists touring? Anyone you’re excited to meet and see?
We have some bands out that we already know, we’re stoked to play with Beartooth for sure & I’m excited to get to see Citizen play every day.

You’re also making an appearance at the Alternative Press Music Awards this July. What can you tell us about that?
I don’t really know much about it & we aren’t nominated for anything! So I’m guessing we’re just going to go, get drunk, probably make fools out of ourselves and leave.

Brainwashed is an absolutely amazing album. How was recording this album different than recording your last album, This Is the Six?
Every time you record an album it’s a very different experience, brainwashed took a long time to record & write. It was nice to work deeply into the songs and not feel pressurised by time scales.

You’ve come a long way since your formation in 2006. If you could say anything to yourselves back then, what would you say? Any advice that you’d give?
I’m pretty happy with how far we have come & the things we have achieved! I don’t have any regrets so Id probably just tell myself to keep trying and keep the PMA, life throws tough situations at you and it’s your job to overcome them.

Are there any goals that you guys want to meet that you haven’t yet?
I just want to carry on making music and travelling, Id like to tour South America & more Eastern Europe. I want to play to places who don’t get shows as much as the main markets for bands.

Going forward in the future, is there anything that you guys will do different?
I can’t time travel so we’re just going to have to wait & see.

Be sure to catch Mat Welsh and the rest of While She Sleeps on Vans Warped Tour this summer.

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