“Downtime” by Grumsling, Song Review

Grumsling. Photo by: Gary Malec PhotographyGrumsling is an indie-rock band from Oakland, California. Though really, it’s an artistic project that goes far beyond just making music. Instead, they’re creating an entire narrative soundtrack to go along with some upcoming graphic novels by comic book artist David Lafuente. The goal of Grumsling is truly unique and innovative, and it positively blows the mind.

“Downtime” by Grumsling is an indie-prog-rock track that uses heavy guitars and synths to create an out of this world sound. “Downtown” is off of the Full Coverage EP, and is the latest single from the EP.  It instantly captures your attention and keeps you from beginning to end. But the instrumentals aren’t just for capturing your attention, but for enhancing the story that “Downtime” tells. In fact, the instrumentals serve as the driving force behind the narrative.

The lyrics for “Downtime” by Matt Lowe tell the actual story though. It’s an entertaining one, an interesting one, but it’s sort of vague.  Lowe seems to play the role of a sort of dark yet charming character, and you get the sense that he’s speaking right to you the listener. But really, it would take hours of analyzing not only “Downtime” but all of the songs from Grumsling to really know the story that Matt Lowe is trying to tell. Nevertheless, you’re immediately drawn in and captivated by it. And you’re left wanting more.

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