“Machines” by the Foresters, Song Review

The Foresters. Credit to We Shall See Records.The Foresters’ new single “Machines” is the second single off of their newest album, Sun Songs, which is set to release on July 21st. The song “Machines” is an upbeat song meant to be uplifting in a sense. The first single off of Sun Songs, “Afternoon,” was very laid back and folksy sounding. But the latest single “Machines” shows that the Foresters can rock out just like any other band out there.

Synthesizers and percussions were the leading elements in “Afternoon.” But “Machines” have a lot more focus on guitar and vocals. It’s a little bit like these two songs were done by totally different artists. However, the elements that make the Foresters unique are still very much there. The band of young brothers are very much joined together in their music, and you can feel that when you listen to the music. It’s hard to explain, but the Foresters almost have a sort of old-time, family band feel going on. “Machines” actually has hints and traces of a sort of seventies-sixties sound to it, rather than the rock sounds of today.

Lyrically, “Machines” is about on par with “Afternoon.” It takes you a few listens to really understand what they’re singing about. While the lyrics aren’t the clearest, they’re still really good at painting a picture and creating a feeling – which is the important thing when it comes to music.

The first impression that you get from the Foresters is that they’re a talented but new group, with lots to learn. In a lot of ways that’s true. But “Machines” makes it obvious that they’ll go far.

Sun Songs is out July 21st through We Shall See Records.

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