“Carry the Weight” by Senses Fail, Song Review

Senses Fail

Senses FailSenses Fail in back in action with a brand new song called “Carry the Weight.” The song premiered just this week on RevolverMag, and it’s the fourth single from the upcoming album Pull The Thorns From Your Heart on June 30th. “Carry the Weight” carries a very important message for its listeners, and transmits it through a cool melody and highly relatable lyrics. You can listen to the song below.

The first thing that stands out about “Carry the Weight” are the lyrics, obviously. They’re written with an honest truthfulness to them, and they tackle a subject that’s not really touched upon in the right ways – exploring your sense of self, as well as loving yourself. No matter what that might mean. Not only did they tackle it in all of the right ways, but “Carry the Weight” hits you in all of the ways that it’s supposed to. You really get the sense that you know what Senses Fail is talking about.

“We all carry the weight in the only way we know… For some us that looks effortless and graceful and for others we are struggling just to stay upright. I’ve carried a lot of weight over the years and this song is a reflection of giving myself the freedom to be forgiving for the ways in which I did.”

– Senses Fail frontman Buddy Nielsen

Instrumentally, “Carry the Weight” sometimes leaves a lot to be desired. The lyrics are passionate and meaningful. Throughout most of the song, the instrumentals do reflect and amplify the meaning of the song. But other times, they sound a little bit too harsh for the message that “Carry the Weight” is trying to convey.

But the melody evens itself out with a softer interlude at the end of the song – a beautiful spot that lets the lyrics and vocals take up even more of the spotlight. Some of the effects on the vocals are the tiniest bit distracting, but other than that, the interlude successfully serves its purpose as a soft way to end the song. But in a way that leaves the listeners wanting more.

I wouldn’t have chosen this for a single myself. But the message that “Carry the Weight” has is an important one that deserves all of the radio play it can get.

Pull the Thorns from Your Heart drops on June 30th, and you can preorder it on Pure Noise Records or SensesFail.MerchNow.com.

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