“5 Deep Under” by Little Shells, Album Review

LittleShellsLittle Shells is a collaboration effort between Conchita Campos and other NY-based artists and musicians. Conchita Campos is a celebrated singer-songwriter, and 5 Deep Under is her third full album release. 5 Deep Under is a truly creative and unique experience. Though it’s labeled under the genres of jazz, indie, and pop – 5 Deep Under exceeds all of the limitations and expectations of the genre. 5 Deep Under by Little Shells is a totally unique and fabulous experience, and one that I recommend highly.

The album starts off with the track, “Another Night.” The track starts off with all of these little sounds and instruments that don’t really seem to have a place together. It sounds like a circus, a street festival – chaotic, lively, and disarrayed in a perfectly constructed manner. All of that stops and a more calm melody takes its place as Campos starts singing, but makes reappearances all throughout the track. It’s a beautiful start to the album and it draws you in immediately.

The songs flow easily one into the other. And from the first song to the last, you’re totally enamored with 5 Deep Under. It’s poetic, the way that the instrumentals and sound elements are intricately crafted together. By the production and mixture of the songs, you can tell that the vocals and lyrics by Campos are supposed to be sort of the main event of the songs. But they’re not. Instead, the vocals just amplify and tie together the instrumentals. The instrumentals are what really give the songs their flavor, and they’re what make the album absolutely outstanding. Campos’ vocals and songwriting are just the icing on the cake.

Even the more lively songs have this vibe about them that allows you to just relax and melt into it – an affect that’s, again, only amplified by Campos’ vocals. While 5 Deep Under is a very relaxing record, every song is different. They don’t sound the same whatsoever. That’s what keeps your attention all through it. No melody is reused, no concept revisited. Every note is totally unique, a singular element able to stand on its own. Just fabulously combined with other notes to create the totally unique experience that is 5 Deep Under.

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