“Love and Fear” by Slim Loris, Album Review

Love and Fear is the third album from Sweden-native band, Slim Loris. It’s filled with rich, folky, sometimes somber instrumentals and vocals. From this album alone, you can tell that Slim Loris has talent and potential – it’s obvious from a mile away. The songs on Love and Fear are very interesting to listen to… but only if you stick around long enough.

The problem that almost all of the songs on Love and Fear had was that they burn out halfway through. You start to lose your focus and your attention, and before you know it, three songs have passed and you didn’t even notice it change. It would take a lot of words to explain exactly why Love and Fear is like that. But in the end, it just is.

Love and Fear Album Art. Credit to: Mikael RibeiroEven with that, there were a lot of things about this album that I did like.  Love and Fear definitely does have a very interesting sound and vibration. The songs that stood out to me were “Sparkling Sun” and “World,” because those songs had the most noticeable variations in sound and vocals. The vocals aren’t really that bad either – in fact, they’re really good and the singer has a lot of potential. “World” was where it was most obvious to me. He’s got a good, strong, solid voice. He just needs to learn how to use it, and how to put the right inflections into it at the right times.

The instrumentals were breath taking at first too. Slim Loris uses their instruments to create interesting and beautiful sounds, both old and new that paint a perfect picture. I could actually see their music going along perfectly with a video game or film. The songs on Love and Fear would provide a really nice and beautiful soundtrack to something, no matter what it is.

If this was Slim Loris’ first album, I would be amazed and blown away by their talent and potential. However, Love and Fear isn’t their first album. It’s their third, so naturally I expected a lot more. The album wasn’t bad at all… just not engaging.

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