“Gold In The Summertime” by Matt Nathanson: Single Review

I can talk for a good while about how much I enjoy listening to Matt Nathanson. So, of course, getting on and finding a spotify update that pointed me towards a new song put me in an instant good mood that’s really stayed with me right up to this point. So why waste anymore time on preamble? Let’s get into the review!

“Gold In The Summertime” starts off with a lot of energy and a big sound. The vocals add easily to both energy and sound, and flow easily into an easier flowing sound than the big opening. The song quickly grabs the attention and pulls the listener in to the point where they’re swaying along to the music. The grooving melody helps the song to match the vocals. It’s a great song – both for the season and for Matt Nathanson. It’s fun to listen to the various transitions between sounds, and the energy of the song is almost an instant pick me up. Admittedly it can get a little repetitive, but you don’t really notice until the very end of the song when it’s already closing off.

This was a fantastic song to luck across today. It honestly made my day both to find out it existed and to love it so easily. It gets even better though, because it quickly becomes clear that there’s going to be more information on a brand new album from Matt Nathanson sometime soon.

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