“Golden” by Travie McCoy featuring Sia: Music Video Review

Travie McCoy has a lot of fun songs that I enjoy listening too, and Sia has released some beautiful music. Needless to say the promise of the two of them together is rather exciting in my opinion, so I wasted no time in getting a review together for the music video.

The song itself is evenly paced and energetic, pulling this listener in with Sia’s voice and a lovely blend of melody and beat. It moves at a steady pace, perfectly in match with the speed of walking displayed in the video. The video can feel a little trippy after watching it a few times, but it ends up working well in the long run as the same stretch of cars and a variety of characters that tell a continuous story each time McCoy walks past them. It works incredibly well with the song, and really manages to pull the video together in a way that’s incredibly impressive.

All in all, i really liked the video because it intrigued me within the first minute. It’s a lovely song and the video is well suited to it. As usual, I can’t wait to hear more from both Travie McCoy and Sia, but there’s plenty to keep me occupied with in the meantime.

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