“Fury” by Koji, EP Review

Fury EP by KojiFury is the new EP from singer/songwriter Koji. This four-track EP was recorded with producer Will Yip (Title Fight, Circa Survive, Balance and Composure) and was inspired by Koji’s own indie-rock favorites. You can definitely feel the influences and elements from the other bands. But Koji’s own unique songwriting is what makes Fury such a unique EP to listen to.

The problem that most EPs run into is that they feel out of place, discombobulated, like they don’t really fit together. It’s almost as if people just throw a handful of songs onto a record and call it an EP. But Fury doesn’t feel like that. It feels just as carefully orchestrated and put together as a full length album would. I can’t say that it feels one hundred percent complete once you’re at the end of it, but it definitely leaves its mark and feels like a singular art piece.

Fury is like a flashback to the pop-rock sounds of the early 2000s. Bands like Vertical Horizon, Goo Goo Dolls, and so many others were getting their fame from their pop-rock songs with messages that everyone could relate to. Fury is very much like that, as far as sound goes. A toned down rock vibe that still gives people that spark of energy and joy, but isn’t too much so that it can’t get radio play. And the songs on Fury are definitely, one hundred percent relatable. You enjoy them, you love them, and you can understand exactly what he’s talking about.

“After making Crooked In My Mind, I spent a lot of times seeing bands like Guided By Voices, Superchunk, Built to Spill, and others who were important to me when I was a teenager. Those shows reminded me of what was so exciting about discovering new sounds, jamming real loud in our parents basements and was the spark for the full band sound we crafted on my latest EP, Fury.”

– Koji on Fury

It’s hard to believe that the whole EP was just Koji and his producer. It feels like a full band. It just goes to show you how talented Koji is as a musician. While Fury doesn’t make you feel like you’ve heard a whole album, it definitely leaves you wanting more and excited for whatever Koji comes up with next.

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