“Sweet Love of Mine” by Joy Williams, Song Review

Joy Williams. Image Cred: Joy Williams Online“Sweet Love of Mine” is the newest single off of Joy Williams upcoming solo-album Venus. It’s got the same basic, stripped down, primal feel that the previous singles have, but it has a little bit more of a flare. The string instruments and the percussions give it almost a RnB feel, and the purposeful melody hooks you and doesn’t let you go until the last few notes.

“Woman (Oh Mama)” was very primal too, but it almost felt a little bit more spontaneous. Everything felt a little bit more tip of the tongue, passionate words spoken in the heat of the moment. The melody in “Sweet Love of Mine” is very purposeful, meant to draw you in. It not only captures your attention, in every sense of the word. You want to move and sway your body along to the melody, you want to sing and whisper the lyrics, and you want to memorize every second of it.

Songs like that are kind of rare to find, where you can feel the notes course through your body and actually move you. The fact that “Sweet Love of Mine” does exactly that goes to show just what a powerful, seasoned musician Joy Williams is.

The lyrics themselves can be interpreted in many ways, because they don’t act as the main narrator of the song. The actual music creates more feelings than the lyrics, and the instrumentals are the main element that guides “Sweet Love of Mine” from beginning to end. The lyrics are just the backdrop, the fine details instead of the main picture. But they’re still extremely powerful, emotional, and they move you just as much as the melody does. Personally, I picture a mother singing to their children. But it really can be interpreted in any way.

“Sweet Love of Mine” is absolutely amazing, and it makes me even more excited to see what Venus will be like.

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