EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Craymer’s Jordan Lake

Craymer. Image Cred: Muddy Paw PRCraymer is an electro-pop artist from Seattle, Washington. Recently Craymer came out with his Disordered Loves EP, which has the hit songs “Underneath You” and “Good Enough.” Craymer has been played all over the college radio stations and has been featured on multiple television stations like MTV, VH1, HBO, ABC Family, and E!. Craymer is the newest venture by the absolutely amazing singer songwriter Jordan Lake, who Music Unlabeled recently got to conduct a few email interviews with.

Music Unlabeled: How long have you been working in music, outside of Craymer?
Jordan Lake: I launched Craymer last summer as a new genre direction for my music. Before the electro-pop switch, I was an acoustic singer/songwriter for about 5 years under solo artist name, Jordan Lake.

MU: What would you say that your Disordered Loves EP is about? What story does it tell?
JL: From opening song to closer, the Disordered Loves EP is a story of unsatisfactory physical relationships, the importance of close friends, a fairytale love story, the belief in life after death, and the mistake of dating to feel whole.

MU: What inspires you to keep making music?
JL: The same answer as to what inspires me to keep living. Music is a product of my life. Experiences are translated into song. It’s how I best process my emotions.

MU: How was it working with producer Brian Fennell? Will you work with him in the future?
JL: Incredible. He is the most talented musician I have ever known. The best times in my music career have happened while collaborating with Brian in the studio. We will be back at it again this summer with a 2nd Craymer EP.

MU: It’s been a long time since November, when the music video to “Underneath You” was released. What’s the current story between Elizabeth Rodland and you?
JL: Like all movies and fairytales, we forget that they are not real. In my mind, I had created the perfect love story, with a girl I wanted to play the main role. Initially, she took the part, and even believed herself that we were meant to be as our relationship continued. Strangely enough, she broke up with me on the day the music video was released.

MU: Have you done a lot of touring for the Disordered Loves EP? Do you have any tours coming up?
JL: Since my young little drummer boy, Cameron Simons, is still in school, we’ve been limited to only Seattle shows this past winter. However, plans for a west coast tour are currently underway for the coming summer months.

MU: Are you working on any news stuff right now? If so, what can we expect from it?
JL: Yes, always. We are currently in pre-production mode for the 2nd Craymer EP, which will be titled, Nomadic Life. I’m almost hesitant to admit it, but you can expect the songs to have a little bit more ‘pop’ in them.

MU: If you had to put a time frame on it, when would you say we could expect a new album?
JL: Expected release date is projected to take place this fall.

MU: As far as music and performing goes, what are your goals that you haven’t reached yet?
JL: It’s really a question of risk and commitment. All my life I have balanced school and music, now work and music. To be a true full time touring musician has always been an intrigue, and perhaps with the right combination of timing and musician support, I’ll be able to go all out.

Music Unlabeled is incredibly thankful not only to Craymer’s Jordan Lake but to his PR Agent for letting us talk with him.

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