“dementia pugilistica” by Mrs. Hopewell: Album Review

Today’s review is gonna focus on some lo-fi bedroom pop music that the artist describes as “the sort of music your mom won’t let you play in the car” on their facebook page. Mrs. Hopewell is another very new discovery that’s been brought to our attention, and I decided to grab this review before things get extraordinarily hectic around here for the next few weeks. In short, today’s review is going to focus on an album called dementia pugilistica.

“it was you, charlie” is the first track on the album and opens quite suddenly, blending the guitars and vocals into an easy balance. It’s easy on the ears despite some shrieking techniques on the guitar. It’s short, like the rest of the album, but it catches the attention and certainly makes you want to listen to the rest of the songs. “holly and i are soup snakes” has a more upbeat beginning, with vocals that are slightly dissonant against the more stable blend of melody and beat. It seems all too short, but that ends up working well for it. “sugar sugar” keeps that upbeat feeling to its music and takes on a slightly beachy feel to it. “what went wrong?” takes on a deeper melody, that travels quickly and easily along as it creates a big sound that perfectly punctuates the middle point of the album. It drops off  to a beautifully balanced dissonance that fades and grows as the song plays.

“james orin incandenza” has a quiet melody that pulls the listener along to it, and the vocals are higher pitched than any other place on the album. It has a build of energy towards the end that completely turns the song around from it’s pretty melodic beginnings to a small cacophony of music and vocals. “korine” starts with quiet vocals, and quickly turns into a quietly evocative song that’s set to a really quick pace. Parts of the song get slightly higher during its length, but they’re balanced well against both the quieter points and the louder parts of the song. “on the day you knocked out jeffries” is the last song on the album and it ties everything up with the help of a slow transition into a slow melody from a rhythm heavy opening. Its very instrument heavy, lacking vocals entirely, but blends a variety of sounds and melodies together into a wonderful ending for the album.

All in all, dementia pugilistica has an interesting premise and theme throughout it. It’s well put together, and is certainly lovely to listen to. It’s certainly worth a chance, and I’m intrigued as to what else we’ll be hearing from this artist. dementia pugilistica is available for streaming and download here.

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