“My Everything” by Owl City: Single Review

A month out from the release of a new album and we have yet another new Owl City song to occupy our time with until the full album release. It’ll be interesting to hear what the album will be like, especially considering a lot of recent music that Owl City has put out. At the very least it’s bound to be gorgeous and evocative, like the majority of music that Owl City releases.

“My Everything” starts off with a piano driven melody that resonates quietly against a quieter background. It’s proven to be a slower paced song when the vocals start, but it picks up in the chorus. The song blends together a variety of sounds and extremes. It switches easily from a quiet and well balanced slow pacing, to quicker and more exuberant instruments and a fair amount of sound that draws the listener in. It’s a remarkably sweet song that holds the attention really well, and transitions easily.

All in all, “My Everything” continues to build my excitement for the upcoming Owl City album. It’s far from my favorite Owl City song, but it’s incredibly easy to listen to all the same. I wait excitedly to hear everything else that the album has to offer. Mobile Orchestra is currently set to release on July 10.

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