The Tomas Doncker Band To Perform At SOxSO

TD Howlin' Wolf EP Promo Pic grafittiThe Tomas Doncker band will be the house band for the main stage “Causing Collisions” Concert on June 27h, during the first ever South by South Orange Festival (SOxSO). The Causing Collisions concert is run by Mike Griot, the bassist and CEO of PWI Media Entertainment. The other musicians who are set to perform at the event are Will Calhoun of Living Colour, Josh David of The Wailers, and violinist Alan Grubner.

The Tomas Doncker Band will be performing their new record, Big Apple Blues at the festival. The record was written by Yusef Komunyakaa and Tomas Doncker

SOxSO, according to New Jersey Stage, was “conceived as an opportunity to shine the spotlight on the creative process and showcase the many ways that arts, science, and creativity ‘collide’ to produce innovation.”

“Creative Collisions is a natural theme for South Orange, where so many different types of people, ideas and sensibilities collide every day to make something incredibly wonderful,” says Stephen Schnall, the festival’s founder.

          Stephen Schnall, South by South Orange Festival Founder

The South by South Orange Festival is presented by South Orange Village and Seton Hall University. The festival will feature 12 creative and interactive sessions, 15 musical performances, and have “a creative midway’ of participation events and community art projects.

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